Graduate Summer School on General Relativistic Hydrodynamics

Computational Lab Page

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Last updated July 28, 2003.

On-line Material from the Lectures

Lab Groups

A preliminary list of lab group assignments can be found HERE

Instructions to Students

In preparation for the computational lab component of the school, we ask that prior to the start of the school that you
  1. Look through the Background/Reference Material listed below
  2. Download the Project 1 handout, work through the notes therein, and complete Problems 1a) through 1g).
If you have any questions about, or problems with this material, send e-mail to the lab instructors.

Background/Reference Material and Related Software

Project 1: Scalar Wave Evolution on a Schwarzschild Background

Project 2: 1D Ultrarelativistic Fluid

Project 3a: Teukolsky Equation on a Kerr Background in Kerr-Schild Coordinates

Project 3b: 2-D Ultrarelativistic Fluid

Using the cluster

We have set you up accounts on our local ``Beowulf'' cluster of Pentium III machines. For faster turn-around and in order to avoid overloading the lnx machines, you should use the cluster as much as possible to run your 2-D calculations.
Ask the lab instructors if you have any questions concerning the use of the cluster, or if you have encounter any problem with its use.