BODY6 is a direct gravitational N-body simulation code designed for workstations. The code is written by Sverre Aarseth from University of Cambridge. You can download the code here. There are three versions of BODY6 you can compile: Standard, SSE, and GPU. The standard version is built for single processor workstations. SSE is for computers with multiple processors. If you have CUDA enabled Nvidia GPUs, the GPU version is for you. For clusters, Rainer Spurzem's NBODY6++ is recommended.

This project is based on a modified version of NBODY6, and the code runs on the CUDA machine. We want to see how does white dwarf (WD) kicks affect the evolution their host cluster. The original NBODY6 does not include WD birth kicks, so a 5.0 km/s velocity kick with random orientation is assigned to a star once it becomes a white dwarf. Outputs of stellar type, mass, position and velocity have been added as well.